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Cream & Sugar (CAS)

Cream and Sugar Coffee Set

Cream & Sugar (CAS) is a set of vessels devoted to one another. They exist in such deliberate forms as to subtly indicate their purpose while revealing that shape can both evoke emotion and suggest action.

The fluid form of Cream tells you that she is the keeper of liquid, while the geometric shape of Sugar informs that he is the guardian of crystals. Apart they exist within their own unique form language; together they embody a higher union of belonging. They will always live together as Cream gently nestles Sugar in her curves. They’re a pair made to elevate the ritual of coffee and tea time, and bring a higher level of elegance to the experience.

MATERIAL: Bronze + Pewter

SIZE: 6 x 2.5 x 4

Please Inquire for Pricing and Lead-Time

Bronze Creamer, Pewter Sugar BowlCream, Sugar, Coffee, Croissant


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