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Natural Formations | Lunar Rug in Beige

Custom colors upon request.

For the designers behind Bronsen, naturally occurring patterns have been a subject of fascination for years.  The team has manufactured unique surface treatments that celebrate the beauty and nuances of patterns in nature. Beautiful sculpted textures created in Bronsen’s surface lab have now been translated into luxurious rugs that will last for generations.  Bronsen partnered with Lilypads Creations, a custom rug manufacturer based in Miami with over 20 years of experience, to bring these designs to life.

The Lunar rug was inspired by the surface of the Moon.  The artwork was adapted from Bronsen’s Moon surface wall art.  The rug is hand knotted by skillful artisans in Nepal.  It uses 100% wool cut to a low pile.

Technique: Hand-knotted rug. 100 knots per inch. Cut pile. Made by hand by skilled artisan in Nepal.

Material: 100% Wool

Available sizes: 6ft round, 8ft round, 10ft round and 12ft round

Lead-time: Made to order, 16 weeks.

Contact us for custom sizes, shapes & colors!

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